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year 2022 in Japan

Photos of Japan in 2022
Some of the hundreds of photos taken in 2022 in Japan

photos of autumn in Japan

Photos of Autumn 2022 in Japan
Autumn is full of colors. Leaves on the trees make a final show before falling to the ground.

Little heaven, vegan restaurant in Arashiyama

Special vegan lunch at Little Heaven, Kyoto
Vegan restaurant Little Heaven, near Arashiyama in Kyoto, a place to get a special treat but only upon reservation. We managed to get one and we went to eat this delicious, rare vegan menu.


One Week in Okinawa
Middle of October 2022, we went for one week in Okinawa. We rented a flat near the ocean through airbnb. Beaches were minutes away by foot and we enjoyed swimming in the clear water above the corals. We arrived under torrential rain and strong wind. It stayed this way for 3 days and then the weather became sunny and less windy.


A Visit to Mount Kurama
We went there on October 12th 2022. It is an extremely popular temple for Japanese people to visit, owing to the many mysteries and occult events surrounding it, but does not appear in most English language guidebooks.

shirakoma lake

A Walk Around Shirakoma Lake
With friends, living in the area, one day we went for a forest walk in Quasi National Park and around the Shirakoma Lake. It is located in the east area in Nagano prefecture and is well known as a healing spot, a lot of moss grow on the ground and on the lower part of trees.


Goza-Shirahama beach
In Mie Prefecture, a beautiful beach, a bit like in Hawaii... great sand, clean and warm water, a pleasure for swimming, and just great to cool off the heat of summer in Japan. We hired a big umbrella for shade on the beach... absolutely necessary, UV in Japan is very high.

pettirosso, vegan-vegetarian restaurant in Kyoto

Pettirosso, vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Kyoto
It is one of our favorite restaurant in Kyoto. Great vegan or vegetarian organic food. It is small but it has a good vibe, a nice atmosphere and the couple, owners of the restaurant, is very friendly.

Kashihara Jingu

Kashihara Jingu (Nara Prefecture)
11th April 2022, We had a very good lunch in an Italian restaurant (Oasi) in Masuga (Nara prefecture). The chef is Japanese and we know him from Tuscany...
After this good lunch we went to visit Kashihara Jingu. It is a very big place surrounded by nature. It has also a small lake.

spring in Japan

Spring is Finally Here!
Winter has been colder and longer than last year, so Spring is most welcome. In Japan, it all starts around mid-March with the plum trees in blossom and then 'Sakura' festival, cherry trees are everywhere bringing joy and beauty to all without any distinction.


Feb. 15th 2022. Spring is coming...
It is winter and we are still in hibernation but from time to time we get out to see how is the weather.... It is getting warmer and lately we have seen flowers on plum trees. Sunrise et sunset greet us every day.

lights in Arashiyama

Arashiyama winter lights
At the beginning of winter 2021, Arashiyama made a final light show on its famous bridge and surrounded mountains. They have done this for the past 20 years to attract people and tourists but now as it is very well known the light show is no more needed. So we went to see the last one...

autumn in Japan

Autumn 2021 in Japan
Autumn is as beautiful as Spring in Japan. Colors are everywhere. So many trees are changing colors and it shows in nature and in all the gardens found in each temple, from the unknown ones to the most known.

zen vegetarian lunch

Zen Vegetarian Lunch in a Zen Temple
In October 2021, before going for a train ride and a rickshaw ride, see video, we had a zen vegetarian lunch in Shigetsu, a house/restaurant within the garden of Tenryu-ji temple in Arashiyama. New photos when we went for a second time in November.

kyoto tower

On Top of Kyoto Tower
We wanted to do it since a long time. Finally we did it. The day was beautiful, sunny and blue sky, so the view at 100 meters above the city was great.

summer skies in Japan

2021 Summer Skies
Here are some photos of the sky taken during summer, here and there, while walking or cycling.

lotus flowers

All Kinds of Lotus Flowers
End of June 2021. We went back to the Botanical gardens in Kisaichi, it had been closed for almost 2 months and the grass was wild in the park. We could see all kinds of lotus flowers in different water places where they grow.

rice fields

Small Rice Fields
Like in Tuscany, Italy, where many people have a field with olive trees to provide for their olive oil consumption, in Japan many people have a small plot to grow rice.

flowers in Japan

A Festival of Flowers
June 2021 - New Flowers are blooming and appearing every week. Every time we go for a walk, there are always new flowers to see.

walk in nature

Walking in Nature
Middle of May 2021, nothing beats a good walk in nature, in the forest, in a park, whenever we go for a walk, nature gives all its warmth, its love, its beauty, its simplicity, its freshness, its ever feeling of oneness.

Tiny World
Insects and bugs. They are all part of the tiny world around us we rarely pay attention to. Photographs taken during one of our walks in nature...

daily life in spring

Daily life in Spring
May 12, 2021. Days come and go. Spring time is really here. Covid is still present even though contained. Some days are sunny, some days are rainy, some days are windy... the weather is really comfortable... we enjoy the simple things of daily life...

botanical gardens

Botanical Gardens in Kisaichi
End of April 2021... We often go to the Botanical Gardens in Kisaichi. It is not far away, just a short train ride. We bought a yearly pass, so we can go anytime especially when we feel to have a good walk in nature. We often buy some food before at the train station and we have a picnic over there.


Flowers Everywhere
Middle of April 2021... Sakura (cherry blossom) may be passed, but so many different other flowers are showing up... a flower does not think about competing to the flower next to it, nor discussing about its beauty. It just blooms.

kinosaki onsen

A visit to Kinosaki Onsen
12-14 April 2021, we went for 3 days in Kinosaki Onsen, a small village in the north of Hyogo prefecture near the Japan sea, and we stayed at Nishimuraya Honkan. Kinosaki Onsen is a popular mountain resort area with many onsen (bath houses with natural mineral hot spring water).

bicycles in japan

Bicycles, a real mean of transport...
In Japan, bicycles are a real mode of transport. It is amazing to see how mothers carry their children on bikes specially made for this.

The Philosopher's Path in Kyoto

The Philosopher's Path in Kyoto
April 1st 2021 it was a sunny and warm day. We loved it, there was people but not the usual crowd when tourists are allowed in Japan. The path is lined with hundreds of sakura trees.

nanzen-ji gate, kyoto

On Top of the Gate in Nanzen-ji, Kyoto
The temple's Sanmon gate was originally constructed in the 13th century, destroyed in 1369 at the order of the government, and reconstructed in 1628. The gate contains stairs to an elevated viewing area.

The Shrine Garden at Heian-jingu

The Shrine Garden at Heian-jingu, Kyoto
We went there twice, the first time in winter and the second time at the end of March 2021 when the cherry trees started to bloom. Magnificent walk around the garden and the ponds.

sakura all around

Sakura, cherry trees blossom, all around...
Around our apartment building, there is plenty to enjoy about the sakura time in Japan. There is even a street named sakura dori (sakura street)...


The First Glimpses of Sakura
March 11, 2021... here are some photos as 'appetizer' for what is coming soon all over the cherry trees in Japan...


Spring is on its way
Spring is coming, spring is on its way, it is celebration time for nature.

breizh café, Kyoto

Lunch at Breizh Café in Kyoto.
We knew this restaurant when we were in Paris, so it was interesting to go and see how it would be in Kyoto.

suspended bridge

Hoshida Park and its Suspended Bridge (Hoshi no Branco)
Hoshida Park is a 105 hectare wide natural park located inside the Quasi-National Park. The panoramic scenery from the suspended bridge, called "Hoshi no Branco (Star Swing)", is just spectacular.

kinkaku-ji, kyoto

Kinkaku-ji, Golden Temple in Kyoto
We visited Kinkaku-ji on December 17, 2020.
We had previously visited Kinkaku-ji in 2006 but only a vague memory remained, so it was nice to see it again, just after a complete restoration.

korigaoka hirakata

Korigaoka, the Area Where we Live
We like this place, it is spacy, convenient and we live on the 6th floor where we have a beautiful view over the sky and the moutains afar.
So far so good.

botanical garden

Autumn in the Botanical Garden of Kisaichi
Autumn 2020. We have been to this botanical garden several times, because it is not far away from where we live and it is very pleasant to walk in the diversity of the 26 hectares of the park. It is full of different flowers and colors all year round.

maruyama park

Maruyama Park, Kyoto
Each time we were going to downtown Kyoto in the Gion district, we would go to the area famous for its typical Kyoto houses, shops and streets...We always saw this other temple (Yasaka Shrine) from afar at the end of the main road and we did not know that behind there was Maruyama Park.

floating bridge

Kozuya Bashi, the Floating Wooden Bridge
It is an old wooden bridge and it has parts detaching by themselves from the pillars in case of high water. Crrossing the bridge is allowed only by foot.

rice and tea

Fields of Rice and Tea in Japan
In the area around Joyo-shi, I would ride my bike and go around in the country side. On the way to the river, I found fields of rice and tea which stand often side by side.


Fushimi-Inari temple at dusk
Last year in 2019, it was fully crowded with tourists, so we went this time in September 2020 knowing that there will not be many people and so it was.

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