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The Japan We Like...

We have traveled and we have lived in many countries all over the world. After visiting Japan in 2018 and 2019, we decided to move and live here for good... so here we are since July 2020. We are happy through this website to share and write about what we do and what we like in this country. We add regularly articles/photos, and videos.... so come back from time to time to see what's new...

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arashiyama kyoto

Arashiyama winter lights

At the beginning of winter 2021, Arashiyama made a final light show on its famous bridge and surrounded mountains. They have done this for the past 20 years to attract people and tourists but now as it is very well known the light show is no more needed. So we went to see the last one...
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An evening visit to Kodai-ji Temple in Kyoto

In the fall, some temples in Kyoto light up their temple and garden. It gives a different feeling to visit in the late evening. We visited Chion-in and Kodai-ji on two evenings of November 2021. Here is a video of our visit to Kodai-ji and some photos taken in both temples.
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Japanese Website by Kiyomi

Kiyomi in France

For Japanese only. Kiyomi shares her life in Italy (Tuscany for 15 years), in France (5 years) and in Japan since July 2020.
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today's card

Pick a random card and get inspired. All drawings by Kiyomi and texts by Shanti.
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